3 Ways To Use Modular Buildings In Aid Relief Projects

16 December 2022
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If you provide humanitarian aid in emergency and disaster situations, then you might be considering buying some instant modular buildings. These prefabricated buildings can be erected and used in a short space of time.

What can you use these buildings for?

1. Housing and Shelter 

If your teams go to a disaster zone, then shelter and living spaces might be in short supply. Local people might have lost their homes. Your people also won't have anywhere to sleep.

Modular buildings can provide shelter, warmth, and a safe place to live and sleep. You can give local residents emergency shelter until they find a more permanent solution. Or, you can house your own staff and volunteers in safe and enclosed buildings during the time on site.

2. Storage Facilities

If you bring aid into a disaster zone, then you might not distribute all your supplies immediately. You might want to store some items to give displaced locals regular food and water supplies until they get more permanent help. You might need to keep medical supplies on base to treat injured and sick people.

If you don't have anywhere to store your aid supplies, then you might lose them. Desperate locals might try to take more than their fair share of food or water. Opportunistic criminals might steal medical supplies to sell on the illegal market.

Plus, external weather conditions affect how you can store your aid. For example, if you're in a post-hurricane rainy period, then your stores will get wet if you leave them in the open.

Modular buildings will keep your supplies safe, secure, and in the right condition. You can allocate secure units to your storage needs.

3. Medical Centers

If you have doctors and nurses in your teams, then you need to find a way for them to treat patients. If you will do anything more than basic triage work, then you need indoor structures that you can keep clean and sterile.

If you don't have access to suitable buildings in the zone, then you might have to rely on tents. However, it's hard to maintain hygiene and to work efficiently in these temporary and cramped structures.

You can turn one or more modular buildings into medical centers and treatment facilities. You can even buy some products which are designed for medical use and which already contain essential healthcare infrastructure.

To see examples of buildings that will help your relief work, contact instant modular building systems suppliers.